Mitochondria & Health

The mitochondria inside every cell of your body are responsible for creating the energy that is needed for that cell to perform it’s role inside the tissues, organs and systems of the body. Each cell has 100s to 1000s of mitochondria and some perform better than others. The more well performing mitochondria each cell has, the more energy it provides to the cells, and the better the cell performs.

Virtually all leading causes of death and major diseases are linked to mitochondrial dysfunction. It’s becoming more common that someone you know will have signs of early aging, fatty liver, migraine headaches, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, obesity, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders such as lupus & Sjogren’s and cancer.

To answer the question of how can we support and encourage healthy mitochondria, it’s useful to know what causes mitochondria damage or dysfunction. As these chronic diseases are all becoming more prominent in society, it’s quite obvious to me, what the causative factors are. We have fake “foods” that line the grocery store shelves which provide very little real nutrients. We have more and more chemical toxins in our environment and food every day. We have busy lifestyles that move further away from nature and our natural cycles with nature. And we have a confused society whom have lost sight of their spirit, strength and autonomy in their own state of health. The major causes of mitochondrial dysfunction are toxic metals and other environmental pollutants, alcohol, cocaine, free radicals (oxidative stress), chronic stress, and many prescription drugs such as Acetaminophen, antibiotics, Aspirin, AZT, Griseofulvin, Indomethacin, methamphetamines, l-DOPA, NSAIDs, statins.

Avoiding and eliminating these from your life will not only start to reverse mitochondrial dysfunction, it will also change society better in where you “put your money”, what companies you want to have power in this world. But it doesn’t stop there. The mitochondria also needs to be nourished and supported with healthy fats, B-vitamins: especially 1 (thiamin), 2 (riboflavin), 3 (niacin), protein especially amino acids: carnitine, cysteine and glutamine, minerals: especially Iron, magnesium, manganese and antioxidants such as CoQ10, glutathione, ALA, resveratrol, NAC, vitamin E, proanthocyanidins, melatonin, pyrroloquinoline quinone.

Supporting your mitochondria is the key to gaining vitality and balance back into your life. To do this involves decreasing exposure to all toxins (cleaning, agricultural, cosmetic, food, etc.), using natural methods when possible to replace pharmaceuticals, increasing consumption of antioxidants and nutrients especially beneficial to mitochondria, managing stress, getting adequate rest and respecting natural circadian rhythm. Of course the mitochondria also has a natural cycle, which involves death and birth. Autophagy and mitophagy are natural processes of recycling old cells/mitochondria so that new healthy ones can take it’s place. This can be attained through fasting, cold exposure, ketogenic diet and strength training.

The spring cleanse in May will provide a full package, holistic program to support your mitochondrial health and reboot your entire system!

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    herbal tea

    Stay Healthy Naturally

    Health is simply a state of balance or homeostasis, when all functions in the body are working cohesively to bring about optimal vitality. Staying healthy therefore involves a holistic approach to supporting all the systems in the body.

    The foundation of natural health is based on the understanding that the body is intelligent and there is a vital force directed to work 24/7 to come back into balance. All a person needs to do is support this natural force and the systems, organs and tissues involved.

    Probably the first and most important way to stay healthy is to prevent getting sick. Through my observation, in our modern day culture, stress is the number one cause of lowering immune system and a person getting sick. Stress can come in the form of physical, mental/emotional or spiritual. There are also different forms of each of these categories as well. For example, physical stress can be lack of sleep, too much exercise, eating junk food, or an open wound. Emotional stress could come from watching the news and staying in a fear state, depression, “heart break” or any emotion that over powers the natural state of balance. First identify what is the stress, learn how to manage and applying the changes is essential in staying healthy.

    1. Some ways to reduce stress
      1. Take time to do nothing, sleep
      2. Meditation
      3. Gentle exercise: yoga, walking, Qi gong
      4. Avoid overeating and eating the wrong foods/drinks.
      5. Change your perspective. Reflection with gratitude. Love and Laugh

    As stated above, we have natural mechanisms in our highly sophisticated and intelligent biology to keep us healthy and warding off potential pathogens. This is typically considered the first line of defense of the immune system. It is the innate immune system. The innate immune system is extremely sophisticated and massive. The innate immune system includes your:

    • Skin & microbiome
    • Mucus membrane & microbiome
    • Stomach Acid
    • White blood cells (immune cells that are designed to “attack” and clean up unwanted cells)
    • Bodily responses: coughing, sneezing, runny nose, tearing, fever, loss appetite

    Ways to support your innate immune system include:

    1. Listen to your body’s responses such as fever and coughing, and support it. Do not suppress it with drugs. There are herbs which can minimize the discomfort and severity if these symptoms become dangerous, but understand and trust your body is trying to heal.
    2. Skin care. Use natural nourishing products free from synthetic fragrances and oils which will further burden your immune system and disrupt your microflora.
    3. Maintain healthy mucus membrane through good hydration, hygiene and breathing exercises.
    4. Make sure you have adequate nutrients that are essential for the immune system: Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins D-C-A-E, B’s, essential fatty acids.  
    5. Herbal remedies for restoring balance and specific to your particular imbalance. Some ways of using herbal remedies include:
      • Herbal Elixir: ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, thyme, garlic, horseradish, (honey)…
      • Herbal Tea:  turkey tail, usnea, chaga, pine needles, juniper, birch leaves, self heal,    peppermint, echinacea, licorice 
      • Herbal Soup: bone broth with ginger, shitake mushroom, garlic, astragalus, turmeric…
      • Herbal Bath: hot epsom salts bath with essential oils (lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus…), oats, chamomile, self heal

    Another very important aspect of staying healthy is to reduce your exposure to pathogens*. Some ways to reduce exposure to pathogens include:

    • Sanitation, but not sterilization so as to keep your microbiome balanced and healthy.
    • Use good quality natural products that feed your skin and microbiota. Products with petroleum based products are void of vitamins and minerals which are in good quality products. They most likely also have synthetic preservatives, additives, fragrances etc, which burden and clog you inside. Avoid synthetic and harmful cleaning products, cosmetics, scents, food, drinks, smoking, etc
    • Practice regular hygienic practices: neti pot, oral cleansing, bathing…

    * Even though we want to reduce exposure, It’s important to remember that exposure to natural biological microbes in small doses and spread out over some time is fundamental for life. A natural biological bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast etc., does not become a pathogen unless it starts to cause damage to surrounding cells. Inside our bodies there are highly sophisticated mechanisms which, as just one example, manufacture the perfect defense cells. It can only do that if it has the information of what type of defense it needs to manufacture. That’s the immune system. It is an operating system that updates itself constantly and naturally. We are part of the ecosystem of life, our microbes evolve with the outside environment’s microbes. You can not sustain health by living separate from it. Specifically what I mean is that trying to sterilize everything and burdening the body with drugs or injectables will only work against you. There are some exceptions but that topic leads into a more esoteric conversation about death.

    Happy New Year! Bringing in 2023…

    Let’s make 2023 the best year ever! What better way to start it off, but with a plunge in the sea and a cleanse?

    This has become my new years tradition and I believe it keeps me youthful and motivated to take action and responsibility for my life and health, to be ready for whatever challenge should come my way. When I plunge in the super cold water, I make an intentional ritual that I am washing my body and spirit of the last years residue. Optimal health and function of all organs and systems, is all about circulation, balance and flow of energy. When you flush out the old, it stimulates bringing in the new and healthier. If you have done cold baths, you know exactly what I am talking about with the tingling sensation of the skin and surge in vitality! (There are tips on how to do it, so you might need coaching to do it safely. For example, I get Raynaulds, so I have to prepare with exercise and breathing).

    Tonight we will have our last meal before going on a cleanse for … I’m aiming 10 days. If you want to join in with us, leave a message below and we can support each other in the fast. Fasting the body is not just about giving your digestive system a rest. It will also strengthen and balance (all) hormones’ function, metabolism, stimulate autophagy, and mental toughness! Each one of these are huge in the effects of fighting against serious chronic and fatal diseases (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue, any autoimmune disorders, obesity…), mental disorders and promoting a better quality of life with vitality.

    We are going to start tomorrow with lemon water (organic lemons and living well water from the camp), and the Amazing Grass Greens Blend. Tomorrow will just be the preliminary day before the water fast.

    Stay tuned for how Daniel holds up 😉

    Happy Holidays and Changes for 2023

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

    It’s truly a time to wind down and reflect on the year and life in general. For me, the chaos of 2020’s health politics, sent me into a whirlwind of uncertainty and finally, I feel like I am settling in. I’m grateful for my new life in New Brunswick and the community here to make life beautiful and colorful.

    Since starting my practice again, just a few months ago, I thank everyone who has trusted me in supporting you on your health journey. I work hard and my efforts are sincere in helping you reach optimal health. It is the reason why I’m always learning, so I can pull from my hat something specifically suited for your situation.

    Right now that consists of:

    • Therapeutic massage: deep tissue, sports, myofascial, craniosacral, cupping, scraping, moxibustion, stretching (shiatsu/Thai yoga), cold laser, aromatherapy, visceral manipulation, acupressure and hara treatment, joint manipulation, Trager, trigger point, Tuina, hydrotherapy, Swedish relaxation and so much more of my own techniques I’ve adapted over my 20 years as a massage therapist.
    • Yoga Therapy: dosha diagnostics, asana sequence suited specifically for you, nutritional planning, holistic lifestyle analysis (physical/emotional/spiritual), pranayama, mantra therapy, meditation…
    • Phytotherapy & Nutrition: Using herb and food chemistry to assist your organs and body to heal and thrive, for whatever condition you may be experiencing.
    • Life Coaching: As a certified life coach, I use hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistics Programming to dive deep into rewiring your old stories with healthy productive ones. The key distinction between coaching vs. therapy is that coaching is future oriented. Essentially we direct your perspective to where you want to go.
    • Naturopathy: This is the general umbrella for which I wrap up any of the tools I have to best assist you.


    Because I didn’t start my practice until late this year, I haven’t made enough to charge tax, but starting in 2023, I will have to start charging tax, and so please notice the rate increase in the booking website includes the tax. If you do not have insurance coverage, I have a different rate; please message me personally. I’m also actively trying to learn French and want to accommodate the predominant Francophone community here, so the booking site is in French for the time being. I may switch it up every month or so…

    I have many exciting workshops, retreats and courses planned for 2023. Please stay tuned for upcoming events, share with your friends and if I’ve helped you, please leave me a positive review.

    En Francais…

    Joyeux Noël et Joyeuses Fêtes!!
    C’est vraiment le moment de se détendre et de réfléchir à l’année et à la vie en général. Pour moi, le chaos de la politique de la santé de 2020 m’a plongé dans un tourbillon d’incertitude et finalement, j’ai l’impression de m’installer. Je suis reconnaissant pour ma nouvelle vie au Nouveau-Brunswick et la communauté ici pour rendre la vie belle et colorée.
    Depuis que j’ai recommencé ma pratique, il y a quelques mois à peine, je remercie tous ceux qui m’ont fait confiance pour vous accompagner dans votre parcours de santé. Je travaille dur et mes efforts sont sincères pour vous aider à atteindre une santé optimale. C’est la raison pour laquelle j’apprends toujours, donc je peux tirer de mon chapeau quelque chose de spécifiquement adapté à votre situation.

    En ce moment, cela consiste en:
    Massage thérapeutique: tissus profonds, sport, myofascial, cranio-sacré, ventouses, grattage, moxibustion, étirement (shiatsu / yoga thaï), laser froid, aromathérapie, manipulation viscérale, acupression et traitement hara, manipulation articulaire, Trager, point de déclenchement, Tuina, hydrothérapie, relaxation suédoise et bien plus de mes propres techniques que j’ai adaptées au cours de mes 20 années en tant que massothérapeute.
    Yoga Thérapie: diagnostic dosha, séquence d’asanas adaptée spécifiquement pour vous, planification nutritionnelle, analyse holistique du mode de vie (physique / émotionnel/spirituel), pranayama, thérapie mantra, méditation…
    Phytothérapie et nutrition: Utilisation de la chimie des herbes et des aliments pour aider vos organes et votre corps à guérir et à prospérer, quelle que soit la condition que vous rencontrez.
    Coaching de vie: En tant que coach de vie certifié, j’utilise l’hypnothérapie et la programmation Neuro Linguistique pour me plonger profondément dans le recâblage de vos anciennes histoires avec des histoires saines et productives. La principale distinction entre le coaching et la thérapie est que le coaching est orienté vers l’avenir. Essentiellement, nous orientons votre perspective vers l’endroit où vous voulez aller.
    Naturopathie: C’est le parapluie général pour lequel je résume l’un des outils dont je dispose pour vous aider au mieux.


    Parce que je n’ai commencé ma pratique qu’à la fin de cette année, je n’ai pas gagné assez pour facturer des taxes, mais à partir de 2023, je devrai commencer à facturer des taxes, et veuillez donc noter que l’augmentation du tarif sur le site de réservation inclut la taxe. Si vous n’avez pas de couverture d’assurance, j’ai un tarif différent; veuillez m’envoyer un message personnellement. J’essaie aussi activement d’apprendre le français et je veux accommoder la communauté francophone prédominante ici, donc le site de réservation est en français pour le moment. Je peux le changer tous les mois environ…

    J’ai de nombreux ateliers, retraites et cours passionnants prévus pour 2023. Restez à l’écoute des événements à venir, partagez-les avec vos amis et si je vous ai aidé, laissez-moi un avis positif.

    jen's meditation

    Heart Energy Meditation

    I wrote and recorded this short and powerful meditation for anyone who’s needing to replenish heart energy. We are powerful energetic beings capable of so much love, influence and creativity. The problem is most of us forget or just don’t know. We let circumstances of everyday stressors cloud our vitality. We coil into submission, reduce the space we take up, breath less of the air, plentiful surrounding us. Why? Because we do not know how powerful we are. We do not know our importance and the gifts we can contribute to life and community.

    If you’re ready to come out of hiding, simply listen to this meditation daily and see what beautiful magic you can create. This is my gift to you, with all my heart <3 namaste <3

    Jen Luong’s Heart Energy Meditation  ©2021 All rights reserved

    Back to Nature

    We are part of nature, connected by a fluid essence which ebbs and flows in and out of all living things. This we call energy. Nature is perfect in all it’s various forms and degrees of creation to death. Only with death we get recycling of energy, giving birth to new life. With life we turn the gears of myriad mechanisms, rippling out effects, fueling interdependently, the structures it interacts with. Whether ethereally or physically, energy travels throughout the web of life until it gets used up, transmuted, only to start again. 

    There is no need to fear death or nature. At least not chronically. By staying holistically healthy we dance with life as long as it allows us. Living with spirit is synonymous with living energetically. Spirit is our individual expression of how energy transforms our life, our being. In living with spirit we maintain the sense of freedom; because spirit is not bound to the physical flesh. This also means that you are never alone, rather you are an extension of all of life.

    Freedom is not health or happiness per se; it is not the absence, or fear of anything unwanted. It is unattachment … of emotion, of cultural expectations or pressures, of greed or physical things. Freedom is the opposite of attachment, what the Buddhist’s say is the cause of suffering. How do we live in freedom? Do you even want to live with freedom? Then we must trust nature, and live with spirit. That is all there is and all there ever was. 

    It may seem like spirit is passive and reactive, like water being directed in a river. However, water is strong and can effortlessly carve stone and destroy cities. Yet it is essential for giving and maintaining life. Be like water, natural and free. We are mostly water, so if in doubt, go back to nature for the path to freedom.

    Our Public “Health” Care

    Is our public “health” care system really encouraging health care? Let’s take a look at what health actually is to answer this question. Even according to the WHO, health is, “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. So what is the public health regime care promoting right now? Social distancing. Masking. Isolation. Lockdowns. Vaccines. Fear.

    Aside from the mountain of scientific evidence and pleas from real health care professionals, it does not take a genius to weigh out how unhealthy all of the above are. Yet the alarming rates of suicide, violence, crime and poverty all directly resulted from lockdowns are ignored to highlight the fear of a virus that on record kills less than 0.5% of the population (even this number is an over estimation).

    When we can step outside of the smoke of propaganda and fear, it’s that simple. So, to any rational, level headed person, it’s obvious that avoiding the virus is not actually the intent here. Why shut down businesses that have never been a threat? Why neglect children from activities and socialization when children it’s nearer to impossible for children to get sick from this virus? Why obsess over chemical antimicrobials when we know it’s unhealthy and impossible to live a sterile life? Why inject an experimental vaccine that has been said by the manufactures to have serious side effects including death, while not even effective in preventing transmission?

    We all know these ‘measures’ are not health promoting. Let’s just all come out and admit it now before we accept Google’s new dictionary definition of health to meaning, “a state of dependency of chemicals and centralized dictatorship”.

    Remember health is a state of balance. Where all your organ systems are functioning harmoniously. We have this innate ability and when we naturally allow and encourage these processes, we have homeostasis, health.

    Chinese Goldthread

    How to coexist with Germs

    I recently returned from 2 weeks in Mexico, specifically Cancun. Most people, even the locals recommend that you should not drink the tap water there. However, showering, brushing your teeth, boiling or heating water enough for drinks such as coffee are fine. So, that is what I did. My hotel room however, did not have a coffee maker or a kettle. Instead I had to microwave my coffee water. I’m sure that was the cause of my gassy abdomen. Towards the last few days of my time in Mexico, I would awaken in the middle of night with slight cramping and loud uncomfortable gurgling. Fortunately, I’m educated enough to know what was going on. Gases such as CO2 and CH4, the biproducts of germs (bacteria/ microorganisms) were growing or colonizing inside my abdomen. I know that sounds scary, we’re conditioned to be scared of germs. The reality is that we as human beings are primarily made up of germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. The amount of foreign microorganisms outnumber our own cells by 10 to 1, it is said. Most of these germs are either beneficial and/or have no effect on our health status whatsoever. Sometimes we come into contact with a strain which will cause an unhealthy balance to our normal microbiome. And that is exactly and simply what happened with me.

    When I travel I always take a few choice herbs. I bring along some essential oils which have antimicrobial properties. I also wanted oils which act as decongestants since the Corona scare is so prolific; I do not want to risk any excess build up of mucus being misconstrued as symptoms for this supposed pandemic. So I tucked away small vials of peppermint and eucalyptus…. and some chamomile for the sleep and nerves. Therapeutic grade essential oils, which I always use, can be administered internally by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. Since I self administered, and just telling you my story, it goes to say, that you need to be responsible and informed for your own situation and usage.

    The other herb I carry with me on overseas travel is a Chinese herb called Coptis chinensis (Chinese goldthread). This herb is effective for many GI problems as it contains the bitter alkaloid berberine. It’s so effective and extremely safe. So I took three tiny pills on my last two days and immediately felt about 50% less gassy.

    Coptis chinensis

    when I returned, I was able to add another herb I had in my herbal pantry. That herb is Artemisia vulgaris, plain mugwort. Mugwort is also a very bitter herb useful for many GI conditions. There was a possibility that it was more than just bacteria festering inside my abdomen; it could have been parasites. Mugwort, like it’s cousin wormwood, another Artemisia is very effective as a vermicide (parasite killer). So, now about one and a half day later, I feel 100% back to normal!

    I should mention that it’s not just about consuming medicine, I also made changes to my diet and was strategic in certain activities. Bacteria generally thrives when fed sugar, the more refined the faster they colonize. So, I was mindful to not feed these disruptive germs and avoided sugary foods and drinks as much as possible. Parasites on the other hand generally love protein, and so I also avoided excess protein just in case I had parasites. I also noticed that they were most active at night, and so I was deliberate with when I took my berberine pills and oils (on an empty stomach before bed and upon waking).

    So you see, it’s very simple to coexist with germs. The bottom line is you must be intuitive with your body, know your herbs and respond normally! There is no need to panic or act drastically. Germs are normal and keeping the balance of our microbiome is a normal everyday, every second activity. It’s just sometimes we need intentional support.