Starting soon, I will be hosting live group coaching workshops in Petit Rocher Sud to becoming the most beautiful, healthy and radiant you possible!

Every month we target a specific area of wellness. Each month’s program will include my holistic blend of yoga therapy, physical therapy, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy and psycho-spiritual therapy in order to, in a sense, polish off all sides of your ‘prism’ so that you can radiate in all directions the rainbow of your beautiful vibrant self. Each month will consist of once a week, a ~90 min live coaching workshop in a small, personal, supportive and transformational group. Each program is systematically designed for you to attain your individual goal. Each workshop will be fun, enlightening and engaging. We may for example, practice yoga, cook a healthy dish, learn self massage, meditation or the ins and outs of biochemistry…. all in a practical and individually supportive atmosphere. Enrollment of only $98 will be for the month’s program. This is a savings of $482 if you were to get 4- 90 min private coaching sessions. In a group coaching program with consecutive weeks, group support, accountability, and meta goal achievement celebrations, you will increase the likelihood of attaining your goal by 85%! Plus you will have the tactics for continual success after the program.

As summer and all it’s festivities come to an end and children go back to school, we will start our first program September: HEALTHY WEIGHT.

October is turkey dinner month and so is all about HEALTHY METABOLISM.

November becomes dreary and so let’s spark our energy with HEALTHY VITALITY

December cold brings in coughs and colds. Let’s fortify our immune system HEALTHY IMMUNITY

January is the month after the emotional roller coaster of holiday festivities and pressures. Let’s talk about HEALHTY EMOTIONS

Space is limited so enroll now! EMAIL

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