Let’s make 2023 the best year ever! What better way to start it off, but with a plunge in the sea and a cleanse?

This has become my new years tradition and I believe it keeps me youthful and motivated to take action and responsibility for my life and health, to be ready for whatever challenge should come my way. When I plunge in the super cold water, I make an intentional ritual that I am washing my body and spirit of the last years residue. Optimal health and function of all organs and systems, is all about circulation, balance and flow of energy. When you flush out the old, it stimulates bringing in the new and healthier. If you have done cold baths, you know exactly what I am talking about with the tingling sensation of the skin and surge in vitality! (There are tips on how to do it, so you might need coaching to do it safely. For example, I get Raynaulds, so I have to prepare with exercise and breathing).

Tonight we will have our last meal before going on a cleanse for … I’m aiming 10 days. If you want to join in with us, leave a message below and we can support each other in the fast. Fasting the body is not just about giving your digestive system a rest. It will also strengthen and balance (all) hormones’ function, metabolism, stimulate autophagy, and mental toughness! Each one of these are huge in the effects of fighting against serious chronic and fatal diseases (cancer, diabetes, arthritis, metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue, any autoimmune disorders, obesity…), mental disorders and promoting a better quality of life with vitality.

We are going to start tomorrow with lemon water (organic lemons and living well water from the camp), and the Amazing Grass Greens Blend. Tomorrow will just be the preliminary day before the water fast.

Stay tuned for how Daniel holds up 😉

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