Your health coach Jen Luong

We get one chance on this amazing planet. Life is fleeting and it often ends with poor health. Hopefully all your hard work has contributed to the life you want for yourself. Perhaps you’ve never even considered the idea that you are the creator of your life. Maybe you’re just starting to reflect now because you finally have the time to start taking care of yourself.

I can help you sort through the clutter and identify what’s really important to you. I can help you realize what it takes to get back on track to living your authentic self.

Health is a state of balance between your physical, emotional, mental, social, financial and spiritual self. My approach to coaching is through understanding the inter-relatedness of all these factors of your life. Even though I’m also trained as a therapist, my job as your coach is to listen, bring light to a perspective which might not have been obvious before and help you set out a course of action to make your dreams become reality. I use the most effective technologies of neuroscience and communication systems to facilitate natural transition. A good coach can help you strategize. An excellent coach understands, helps you strategize and then makes you accountable. I am an excellent coach.

I’ve been working one on one with clients since 2001 who have an array of health conditions. I’ve worked with stay at home moms to teaching inmates at correctional institutions who have the toughest of situations and in the toughest conditions.

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