Naturopathy is simply the science and practice of attaining health by natural processes. The practice of naturopathy has its foundation in the understanding that nature is intelligent and there is a force which aims towards health at all times.

Disease is simply a state of disharmony or dis-ease. There are many factors which contribute to dis ease and the practitioner simply needs to investigate the cause of the imbalance. Imbalance is always either deficiency, excess or toxicity. Deficiency could be something like vitamin C deficiency of scurvy. Excess could be something like high nitrates in the water causing blue baby syndrome. Toxicity is an excess condition, but not necessarily an excess of a nutrient. It could include toxicity of a poison or chemical which should not be in the body at all.

Secondary complications arise when the imbalance affects other structures or systems because the body is dynamic and all systems within are interrelated. A well trained naturopath understands anatomy and physiology and the energetic and emotional connection between all organ systems of the body.

Jen’s approach with naturopathy comes from an integrated study of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditional herbalism, neuroscience and epigenetics, nutrition, anatomy, physiology and therapeutic exercises. While her approach is holistic in understanding the relationship and influences of each condition her method of healing is practical and attainable. Jen believes that the naturopath’s role is the investigator in finding the cause, teacher in relaying the intellectual information, coach in formulating a practical and effectual method of approach and assistant in providing whatever tools are required for self healing.

Naturopathic consultations and treatments with Jen can help you balance out any sector of your health, whether it be mental, emotional, physical, chemical or nutritional. If you have an existing disease or condition you need help resolving or you’re just ready to live an optimal life, naturopathy will help.