What you eat and put into your body will definitely affect how you feel. It affects the quality of your thoughts, behaviours and decisions as well. Whether your ultimate intention is spiritual awakening or toning up your 6-pack, what you feed your body is the “micro-nomics” (I just made up that word :D) of your physical body. It is the chemistry of your making.

Growing up with the philosophy of “food is medicine”, It’s surprising how many people are dissociated with what they consume. It shows not only a lack of knowledge but also autonomy (responsibility and appreciation) of the physical body. Without your physical body you are non existent. Just like the sound of “one hand clapping”. It’s not possible to connect with spirit without the body… at least with what/how we know at the time.

Jenny’s approach to nutrition is essentially whole foods, as natural (without alteration from nature) as possible, moderation and variety. Eat with intention, awareness and gratitude. All natural whole foods have therapeutic properties, vegetables with powerful phytochemicals. Use herbs regularly for flavor and for their intensified healing properties. Eat well to live well.