The novel Corona virus is on everyone’s mind and the entire planet is practically shut down. Social distancing, self isolation and other measures are mandated. Practically no one is leaving or coming out of the country. But does that mean you should stay inside your house? Is it safe to spend all day inside watching depressing news and not getting any sunshine?

No, I think this is the recipe for becoming more susceptible to getting sick. Health is more than just avoiding viruses. Health itself is a state of dynamic balance of physical, mental and emotional. Without sunshine you can become deficient in vitamin D, an essential nutrient for your immune system. Without fresh air and movement, mucus gets sluggish and starts to congest inside your respiratory tract. Without exercise, your circulation and motivation slows down. Vitality wanes, depression sets in and then starts a cycle of stress chemicals and hormones. This disrupts your health and makes you more susceptible to getting any kind of infection.

I’m not suggesting everyone ignores government mandates. Elderly and immuno-compromised people are more at risk and so anyone in contact with them should be very careful to not transfer anything potentially dangerous. But even those people should still be getting fresh air, sunshine and some movement. They should not be infected with fear and negativity. If you can not get out for a walk, simply step out onto your doorstep, anywhere outside, do breathing exercise, sunbathing and smile. These things are free and should not offend others.

While inside do not sit in front of your TV set all day, and worse, watching the news. News these days are not objective, without motive and political agenda. They usually highlight all things depressing, insight fear, distrust, and even hatred. If you get caught up in a dualistic battle of political or cultural differences, you are setting up your nervous system for war, and robbing your immune system of any energy required in normal everyday cleansing and processing. Obviously your ability to ward of viruses is then weakened. So while you are inside more often, fill your days with laughter, uplifting music, dance, and positive/creative energy.

Try new healthy recipes. Eating processed and artificial foods can also make you sick. Limit these at the very least. Eliminate them if you want vitality and creativity to fuel your days. Junk foods are not only void of essential vitamins and minerals necessary for proper body function, they contain preservatives, artificial flavors and colour. They have way too much refined sugar, salt, flours, rancid vegetable fats and who knows what else. Theses chemicals burden your immune system and so again, make you weak to defend against pathogens.

The novel coronavirus although is stirring up a frenzy, is not new. Sure it might have mutated slightly, but should not be cause of alarm for the majority of the population. In nature we have mechanisms in our body which are designed to fight off such microbes. We just need to know how to support those systems, not work against it. In many cultures viral infections is a normal part of building up the immune system. There are some uncomfortable symptoms with infections such as fevers but a fever itself is a good thing. It is a sign that your body is fighting the infection. We need to go back to knowing how to minimize the discomfort and potential dangers of infections while going through these illnesses. Even just 18 years ago, when my daughter contracted chicken pox, her day care encouraged all the children to go through it together. It was a simplier, smarter and less fearful time back then.

Humans have been living with viruses and bacteria for the entirety of our existence. Some of them are inert, while some are in fact essential. There is increasing research these days on the different microbiota in our GIT, respiratory, digestive, skin and vaginal surfaces. Many scientists are discovering how we are not as in control as we like to think we are. These microbes can make us crave certain foods, manage our emotional health, digestive function, keep our skin clear and even influence who we are attracted to. We carry around more foreign microbes in and on us than we have our own cells.

This whole Covid-19 pandemic is riddled in so many ambiguous information, that you have to wonder how much of what we are hearing from the news/media is actually true. I will not go into all the questionable things in this article, but just the idea of shutting down whole economies on a global scale, and trapping people indoors to feed them with fear, is ludicrous and scary. We are not at threat of contracting the corona virus, we are at risk of losing freedom and autonomous rights to question, make money and fend for ourselves.

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