Sadly we’ve lost much intuitive knowledge of nature and what it means to live natural and healthy. The more time we spend away from the source of life, which is nature, the more we loose touch with ourselves as we are also part of nature. We are made of the same essence which fuels the cycle of birth and death. And so we are meant to use the teachings as a guide to lead a healthy path.

So what does this mean in terms of how to stay healthy? It means that we must observe nature, observe the seasons and how our bodies respond to seasonal changes. If we look at our lives and ourselves as part of life, it is inevitable to think with the perspective of inclusion or connection, that we are an integral part of life. The danger is thinking we are the masters of life, that we have ultimate control. It’s dangerous because it separates us, leading us further away from what is real. We start living in the world of delusions. We start forming groups to support our position. We create wars and empires. We hoard wealth, harm others and pillage the land all because we are separate from that which is not us.

This post was meant to educate on certain foods and herbs to take to build the immune system with winter approaching. It’s normal that we adjust our diet, protect our tissues and organs, by wearing more clothes, eat certain foods etc. However, this post has become more philosophical in what it means to live as a spiritual, natural being in today’s world. I think it’s a very important subject as we have increasing, looming technologies and dogmas which encourage unhealthy foods, unhealthy activities, social distancing and self absorption. My next post will go into the specifics of foods and activities for naturally preparing for the season.

For now, we must remember that the foundation of knowing how to be healthy in today’s world is understanding that we are part of nature, made of the same essence. Nature tells us all the time what is the right course of action by showing us cause and effect, the cycles of life and what works and what doesn’t. As long as life exists, this knowledge will never die. We just need to pay attention.

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