I’m not really a political person. I’m more spirit oriented. However, when politics (which is a human construct for how society operates) starts to change everything in the environment and our inner world, I can’t help but feel like I need to take a stand politically. In my own world, I’ve always tried to be conscious in my decisions, to chose a career path that I believe in, for example. Or, support organic and local when possible. Even choosing to go for a hike over hanging out in a shopping mall can be considered a political expression in what I think life should be like.

Now, the changes in this world are fiercely becoming more overt and political. Chemical/Drug companies have hijacked governments and the world and people are getting more sick, fearful and confused than ever. Sometimes I think I’m living in the Twilight zone or a dystopian science fiction nightmare. Then I step back, step into nature and continue to live life by my own values and beliefs. I realize the little efforts I take in my own life are OK, but with how quickly I see the rise of unhealthy people and the planet, I need to do more, and I can’t do it alone.

There is a disconcerting movement in this modern world. We are increasingly becoming disconnected with life, nature, community and ourselves. While some forms of technology are convenient, this trend towards technocracy starts to overpower the essence of what it is to live this life as a natural being. We have lost sight of our inner strength. We have lost the wisdom of innate healing. We have forgotten the magic of creation and what a miracle it is to be alive.

By hosting the Lunar Circle, my goal is to awaken the divine creative spirit in each woman so that we can start to nourish our own small communities and create “tsunamic” changes to the greater environment.

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