Yoga is a very sophisticated system of ideas and practices designed for health and well being. It focuses holistically on the practitioners chemical, mechanical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being, as well as the greater environment.

The health of the physical body is crucial, and the need for Hatha (physical) yoga is paramount in our culture. This is the reason why it has become so popular in the west. It is a fantastic exercise that strengthens the body in a way that is unique (strengthening of muscles concentrically, eccentrically, isometrically, and energizing, stretching and relaxing the whole body).

Because the intention of Hatha yoga (yoga exercises) is very well-rounded (efficient usage of all basic bodily structures and functions, detoxification, strengthening, circulation of vitality…) it is rich in useful information for treating injuries and myriad conditions.

Yoga helps to holistically assist a person back to a state of health and towards a life long journey of beautiful, awakened living. Though, in our culture there is a disproportionate emphasis on the physical body. Yoga recognizes that you can not have one aspect off balance without it affecting another. Real health is the harmony of all aspects of life. Yoga as a therapy is a specialized field for yoga teachers which should address a holistic harmony between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘body’. With Jenny’s personality, background and education, she will openly acknowledge any aspect which may be out of balance and which method would be most efficient to get you back into health. Whether it is the physical body through yogic exercises, nutrition, herbs, lifestyle activities, or mindset and emotional/spiritual practices which can heal you from the inside out.